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Estate Probate Law - Elder Law

Challenging Matters Call For Serious Legal Counsel

Settling matters of an estate can be problematic on different levels.  Involving emotionally charged issues such as complex estate law, money, taxes, death and not to mention the dynamics of family members, settling an estate can be tough without an experienced estate attorney to help, who is experienced in such issues, and deals with them on a regular basis.

With over 25 years of experience in probate and family estate matters, attorney Nicholas George will help you wade through all of the complexity and family disputes, and help you come to mutually agreeable solutions to settling your estate needs.

  • Nicholas George listens to his client's concerns
  • His highly rated estate planning abilities and ethical standards have been acknowledged by his peers
  • His negotiating skills and comprehensive knowledge of estate planning matters result in good outcomes for his clients
  • More than 25 years of experience in Probate and Estate Planning
  • Nicholas George gets you the results you deserve!

With a 25 year history of successfully representing clients in Washington state, Mr. George is an experienced problem solver, and advocate of the client.  Contact us today, to start your estate planning process.


Solution Oriented in Estate Matters

Estate litigation usually raises issues of fairness, with one party feeling like he or she is being treated unfairly in vital matters.  This typically escalates into legal battles between family members, contested wills and other disputes.

Whether the issue at hand is a trust matter, a contested will, or other estate related issue, having a skilled, competent estate attorney will help resolve these issues in a calm, and fair manner.

Efficient Administration of Estates & Probate

During that difficult time when a loved one passes away, it is important that the probate and estate administration process goes smoothly, placing minimal stress on you and your family.  In my experience as a probate attorney, success in these matters rests upon open communication between family members and the attorney, and making sure the interests of everyone is considered.

Estate Attorney Nicholas George can help you and your family meet these challenges you will face in probate, and the administration of your estate.


Proactive Estate Planning

Successful estate planning is all about making important choices about the future of your family.  A skilled estate planning attorney can help you take the proper steps to protect vital assets, express wishes concerning health matters and make vital arrangements that will facilitate matters for your family when you pass away.

Nicholas George is an experienced estate planning attorney that will ensure your estate planning needs are met in a professional and considerate manner, protecting your interests.  Our goal is to listen carefully to your concerns and create an estate plan that meets your needs and values and protects your assets.

Contact us today to set up a brief consultation in our Walla Walla office, to estimate the costs of your estate planning needs. Nicholas George can help control the costs of administering your estate and distributing your assets and property after you pass away.

Estate Probate Law - Elder Law

Estate Administration & Probate

Attorney Nicholas George assists his clients in most probate and estate administration related matters, including drafting and filing all necessary pleadings.

Probate is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid off and their assets are distributed upon death.  Estate administration includes the probate process as well as the non-probate transfers of the assets of the deceased person.

Estate & Trust Litigation

Attorney Nicholas George has extensive probate and estate experience in Washington state, especially advising his clients on how to avoid lawsuits.

He represents and counsels estate parties, such as personal representatives, trustees, estates and beneficiaries to accomplish the following:

  • Settling estate related disputes as quickly as possible
  • Resolving contested wills and family disputes
  • Protecting family members and fiduciaries from lawsuits

Contact us today for a free consultation.



Mr. George may recommend mediation with a neutral third party as a way to resolve family conflicts over the settlement of an estate. 

This will allow parties to come up with their own solution to settling a estate-related dispute.  They can identify the issues and recommend solutions, without imposing any decisions on the parties.

Contact us today if you are having difficulty with family members over settlement of an estate or other probate matter.

Elder Abuse

When an elderly family member is being abused, a petition can be filed under RCW 74.34 for a protection order, that will help protect an incapacitated person from further abuse.

Vulnerable Adults can be over 60 years old without the ability to care for themselves.  Common abuses include: abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, neglect and the threat of any of these.

Contact us today if you suspect an elderly family member is being abused, and we'll help stop the abuse as quickly as possible.


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