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Criminal Law

A Defense Attorney Who Cares And Has The Skill To Change The Outcome

Being charged with a crime is scary and serious. With your freedom and your future on the line, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Nicholas George brings over 25 years of legal experience to your case. He has a proven track record even with the most serious felony charges such as those relating to:

  • Sex offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug violations
  • Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Burglary

Call the Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC in Walla Walla for immediate legal help. Do not talk to the police or go to court alone. Get Nicholas George in your corner. He will give you his honest assessment and give his best effort to prevent a conviction or spare you from the harshest consequences. Call 509-524-9919.

Whatever The Charges, Nicholas George Can Help

Nicholas George has devoted most of his career to defending the accused. No matter how bad things may seem, he can capably challenge any criminal allegations.

Sex Crimes

A sex crime conviction can be a stumbling block that stays with you for the rest of your life. Crimes such as child rape, child molestation, rape, indecent liberties or communication with a minor for immoral purposes are punished severely by the prosecutor on public demand. You could be sentenced up to life in prison for some offenses. Sex offender registration requirements may adversely affect your family, work and social life.

There is a strong presumption that an accuser is always telling the truth. In reality, there are other influences such as parental or teacher suggestion in allegations involving children. Oftentimes, accusers are motivated by money, malice or revenge. Based on this complexity of factors, you need an aggressive attorney who will leave no stone unturned. Nicholas George will evaluate all individuals involved and the nature, as well as the extent, of their relationship with the accused. His approach to sex crime defense has achieved favorable results.

Violent Crimes

Since crimes of violence involve heavy sentences, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to counter the prosecutor, who will seek to convict on charges that are more severe than the facts would support. Nicholas George evaluates the prosecution’s facts for omissions, falsehoods, exaggerations and partiality. He seeks to bring out the “truth” to help his client prevail.

Nicholas George uses the above plan of attack in violent crimes ranging from domestic violence and harassment to assault with a deadly weapon and murder. Whenever relevant, he uses cellphone and computer analysis to destroy an accuser’s credibility or verify the account of a witness for the defense.

Drug Crimes And Property Crimes

Nicholas George treats drug and property crimes with a comprehensive and rigorous style to cast serious doubt on the prosecutor’s theory of the case. He looks for prosecutorial weaknesses and then exploits those to the benefit of his clients.

Prosecutors rely on specific indicators to bring charges such as theft, burglary, fraud, robbery, possession of drugs, possession of drugs with intent to deliver or manufacturing of drugs. Nicholas George scrutinizes these indicators to determine manipulation of evidence, credibility of witnesses, and inconsistencies regarding time, distance and testimonial statements. This is how he gets to the “truth” in defending you against the charges.

Theft, Identity Theft And Burglary

With technology and drug use growing at an alarming rate, the above noted crimes are correspondingly increasing. Penalties are also being enhanced. I can negotiate for a plea that may include drug treatment and significantly reduced jail time. Existing crimes may also be amended to lesser crimes. I do not want you to repeat crimes; you deserve a chance to change and improve your life. I will help you break the cycle of committing a crime to support a habit that represents another crime.

Do Not Delay In Seeking Legal Help

You cannot improve your situation by talking to the police or waiting to see what happens. The Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC takes a proactive approach to protect your rights, challenge the government’s evidence and position you for the most favorable outcome. The sooner he’s involved, the better.

Nicholas George practices in the criminal courts of Walla Walla County and surrounding jurisdictions of eastern Washington. For aggressive, experienced representation, call 509-524-9919 or fill out the online contact form.