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Federal crimes carry higher penalties than state-level crimes. Prison time can be dangerously wrong. Fines can be extremely expensive. The outcome of your case and the direction of your life when facing federal criminal charges will depend significantly on your legal representation. 

You need an experienced attorney who evaluates all the evidence and knows when as well as how to use private investigators. A strong criminal defense attorney must also have an in-depth understanding of all applicable laws and know how to question witnesses properly and thoroughly. 

Attorney Nicholas George is the federal crimes defense attorney for you. He will apply his 30 years of experience in a calculated and aggressive manner to protect your rights as well as personal freedom. There is too much at stake for you to not retain skilled legal counsel. If you have been charged with a federal crime in Kennewick, Walla Walla, Spokane, Benton County, or Franklin County, Washington, contact Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC as soon as possible to set up your free case consultation.

Facing Federal Charges?

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The Difference Between Federal and State Jurisdiction

The criminal system in the United States can be divided into two separate jurisdictions: state and federal. Often, a person is charged with a crime in a county court at the state level, but in some cases, the charges must come from a federal court due to where the alleged crime took place or the broken law. 

The federal government only has the authority to charge a person if the specific incident is within the scope of Constitutional or federal law. In these cases, a serious investigation would be conducted and the charges and penalties could be severe. 

In the worst of cases, some prosecutors may try to charge a person at both the state and federal levels, which may violate the Constitution’s “double jeopardy” law from the Fifth Amendment. That is why you should enlist your trust in Attorney Nicholas George in Kennewick, Washington, to guide you through your federal case.

Crimes Committed on Federal Property

While the state courts have authority over the majority of crimes that are charged, the federal government takes over if the crime was committed on federal property. No matter what crime allegedly occurred, if either a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony is reported on federal property (such as national parks, federal courthouses, prisons, or offices), Washington, D.C., or a plane, the federal government will be in charge of handling the investigation. 

When the FBI and other federal agencies get involved, the charges can become more serious and life-altering. Attorney Nicholas George has over 30 years of experience in defending those accused of crimes at the federal level. Contact him today at Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC in Kennewick, Washington, to schedule your free consultation. He also defends those who have been charged in Walla Walla, Spokane, Benton County, and Franklin County, Washington.

Crimes That Occurred While Crossing State Lines

When a crime is committed in one state and then carries over into another, it then becomes a matter of the federal government. There are specific cases that occur like this, including drug or firearm trafficking, mail and wire fraud, criminal immigration acts, internet crimes, and more. Due to the actions being high-spread, prosecutors will look to make the charges as strong as possible. Attorney Nicholas George will work hard to create a defense against the charges brought against you and discredit the prosecutor's case. Turn to Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC in Kennewick, Washington, today for aggressive legal representation.

Federal Crimes Attorney George Defends

In order for the crime to be charged in a federal court, the situation has to be finely tailored. Federal crimes Attorney Nicholas George passionately defends individuals accused of various crimes, including drug crimes such as manufacturing, distributing, and trafficking, fraud and other white-collar crimes, RICO violations, robbery or arson against a federal building, internet crimes, and more. 

Being charged with a crime is difficult no matter what. When those charges stem from a federal court, it is easy to feel the full weight of the government on your shoulders. However, you do not have to face this difficult burden by yourself. With over 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Nicholas George has helped Washington citizens with an abundance of different criminal cases.

Federal Crimes Attorney Serving Kennewick, Washington

Have you been accused of a federal crime and need to talk to a criminal defense attorney? To get started on fighting the federal charges and seeking the justice that you are owed, get in contact with Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC in Kennewick, Washington, today and schedule your free case consultation. Attorney Nicholas George also defends those residing in Walla Walla, Spokane, Benton County, and Franklin County, Washington. Call now before it’s too late.